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Originally formed in 1984 in Stockholm, Mefisto were forerunners of the early Swedish death metal scene. Following hot on the heels of Bathory, Mefisto influenced a whole generation of extreme Scandinavian metal bands.

At first, Mefisto consisted of three members: the founders, Robert “Thord” Granath (drums) and Sandro Cajander (bass and vocals) and soon joined by Omar Ahmed (guitar). The unholy trinity became the original line-up.

Mefisto released two cassette only demo tapes; “Megalomania” in May 1986, and “The Puzzle” in November 1986. However, after these two releases, Mefisto disbanded in 1987 as they were getting little support from the music industry machine.

The band has since gained cult status all over the world, being acknowledged as one of the main originators of the Swedish, (especially the Stockholm) death metal scene.

After being shrouded in mystery for over 12 years in 1999 the two demo tapes were released again, now for the first time on CD as a compilation under the titel “The Truth”. The demand for the demo tapes has always been there, so in 2015 the demos was once again released as a CD and for the first time on vinyl entitled “The Megalomania Puzzle”.

Now in 2017, 30 years after the demise, Mefisto are back recording an album, this will at last place Mefisto at the heart of the scene that they helped to create. Underground and uncompromising, expect an album consisting of dark atmospheric brutality. Back to the roots of true Death Metal.


Rob – Vocals, Drums
(1984-1987 & 2015-present)


Morgan – Guitar, Bass


Omar – Vocals, Guitar
(1984-1987 & 2015-2016)


Sandro – Vocals, Bass

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